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from your absent creator

I apologize for not getting the Voice_Sender web page done yet, I have had no connectivity to the net, so any work I have done can't be sent to the web..ahhh!
I will be posting the web site soon enough, and it will have every ones e-mail address that has sent it to me. If you have not sent me your e-mail address and you want to be on the list, send it on over!
As far as the e-mail address for everyone, most of them have a size limit, and with bunches of voice messages, I am not sure how long I can keep them there before deleting them. I am going to have a weekly voice message from different people on the website, and I will take submissions for that on an ongoing basis. I will also look into the e-mail address idea, but I have to find a place with a high size limit.
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